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Content marketing is a great strategy for most small businesses, but the finding the time and the creativity required to do it can be a real problem. Let’s face it, publishing an occasional post or newsletter might make you feel good about your marketing effort, but it takes a consistent effort to cut through online static. You need fresh, readable content to bring readers to your website. DP Marketing Services has a solution that you should consider.

Custom Content, No Boilerplate

There’s a lot of mediocre stuff out there. In most industries, there’s at least one content provider with boilerplate articles for sale.  It can be cheap, but what you buy isn’t unique to your website or your business. Instead, you need a clear voice that reflects the character of your business and talks about topics that are interesting and relevant to your clients and prospects.

DP Marketing Services provides a custom alternative that’s tailored to your business and to the keywords that your prospects are searching for. We write content that’s on topic and focused on a clear call to action.

Here’s What We Do

  1. We’ll talk to you – about topics, your marketing plan, and a schedule. We’ll write articles that answer the key questions your customers are asking and we’ll integrate posts and newsletters with your ongoing marketing efforts.
  2. Research – Details matter. We’ll take the time to identify SEO keywords that register on the search engines and we’ll answer questions with specifics and “how to” information that drives traffic.
  3. Mechanics – DP Marketing can help with posting and publication. We’re fluent in WordPress and CMS and can publish directly to your website. If you’re just getting started, we can help with setup and design for email newsletters in Mailchimp or another platform and we can make recommendations for marketing automation.
  4. Steady publication or one off – You can order “a la carte” to augment your current content or we can produce on a regular basis to handle all or part of your content efforts.


We’ve been writing for years about small business marketing and print industry topics. You can get an idea of the quality and tone from the blogs on this website and from our Idea of the Week newsletter. We also write regularly for clients in the HR and Recruiting field. Because we’ll talk directly with you about topics and research, we’re not limited by industry or audience.

What does it cost?

It’s affordable. Here’s a sampling of costs for some of the services we provide:

"A la Carte" Article$185/article
Monthly Articles$170/article
Weekly Articles$150/article
Post to blog or newsletter$35 per post

*Includes up to 600 words, research, masthead, and one creative commons licensed graphic. $12 each for purchased, royalty-free art and photography.


Just fill out the form to get in touch and let’s schedule a conversation to design a custom content program that fits your needs.


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