DP Marketing Services


No high priced consultants here. At DP Marketing Services, our mission is to assist small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with strategic marketing planning and implementation. DP Marketing is focused on the outcomes – increased revenues and profitability for our customers.

What does that mean for you? Practical help to identify and accomplish goals that are good for your business. We’re not business consultants who charge a fortune for their ideas and leave you with a list of suggestions. Rather, we’ll work with you to implement systems that make sense for your business and to take on other tasks that you’d prefer to outsource.

DP Marketing Services offers a special category of services for printing companies.  With 14 years as owner of a local printing company, we understand the complexities of the business and the opportunities that can come from new ways of communicating value to customers.  Print will continue to be a viable and vital channel of communication, but markets for traditional print products are shrinking. DP Marketing Services can provide hands-on help for companies who are expanding their services into new areas or who are beginning to provide marketing services to their customers.