Hands-on Help for Printers

Too many balls in the air?


It’s an old problem. You’re working so hard in your business, that you can’t find the time to work on your business. You’re so busy getting the projects out on time that you don’t have time to grow your business.  The market is changing around you. Those big projects that you used to thrive on are slowly vanishing.  What can you do to replace them?

You need some new projects, some new customers, and some new revenue streams.  You’ve got a few ideas, but you haven’t had time to get them organized.  And there’s just no time in the day to really concentrate on opportunities.  You’re too busy solving problems.


What to do?

If you ran a big company, you’d call your CMO into your office and have a meeting. You’d assign some tasks and you’d get some new projects rolling. Unfortunately, that’s not an option with your small staff. But what if you could hire a part-time Marketing Director?

That’s where DP Marketing comes in.  We’re a new startup, but our owner had 30 years experience in marketing and sales management and 14 years as owner of a local printing company. We can help you with planning and organization.  We can also work with you to get projects and improvements underway.  Here are some specific areas where DP Marketing can assist your business:

lightbulbsMarketing Services for Printers

Print is still relevant and it’s going to remain part of the way that companies do business for the foreseeable future.  That said, print isn’t a top of mind priority.  It’s one choice among many and it’s perceived as an expensive option.  You need ways to communicate the value of your products to your customers.

Competition isn’t local anymore.  You’re facing online competition at price points that don’t make sense. You need ways of showing your customers the value of doing business locally, and the kinds of tangible and intangible support you can provide.

In today’s digital world, inbound marketing – the information you provide for customers who seek you out – is more important than the outbound advertising you’ve always done.  To be effective, you have to communicate consistently through new media channels.  Websites, blogs, and even social media are key.  DP Marketing can help with strategic planning and implementation.

Changing the Sales Environment

It’s not as easy to call on customers as it used to be and the old quality, service, and price message just doesn’t work anymore.  Today, it requires a different understanding to keep old customers and create new ones.  If you’re perceived as a single product shop, you’re in trouble. DP Marketing can help your sales staff learn new ways to prospect and close.  We can also assist you with creation of a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help you understand interaction with leads, prospects and customers.

Specific Services for Printing Companies

While we’d like to be involved with your planning, we’re always glad to help with project work.  If you could use a good manager to get a new product or service in place, give DP Marketing Services a call. There’s a good bit of information on this website about our specific competencies.  Here are a few links to some areas of specialty that might benefit your printing company:

Interested? Let’s get in touch.

Yep, this is the call to action part.   If your printing business needs hands-on help with marketing or with a specific project, we’d like to talk with you.  There’s no charge for the first conversation and we’ll even throw in the first two hours of work free. It’s easy to take the next step. You can either:

  • Fill out the contact form in the sidebar on the right.
  • Call Richard Dannenberg at 478-719-4029.
  • Email Richard at richard@dpmktg.com.

We hope you’ll take some time to explore the website while you’re here.  Richard will be posting articles of interest to printers and small businesses on his blog page, and you can also subscribe to our email newsletter, “Here’s What Works,” to receive a weekly look at trending information that’s relevant to our industry and your printing company.