Here’s the Problem (and the Opportunity)

Lots of small businesses have a hard time with marketing. It takes some time and effort to think through your strategy, put a solid marketing plan in place, rigorously keep the implementation schedule, and continually measure to see what is working. If your company has all of this in place, you should be pleased with your accomplishments. You’re in the minority and it’s likely that you’re enjoying the benefits of your hard work.

If this description doesn’t quite fit, don’t worry overmuch. Your business is in good company. Most small business owners and managers have good ideas and great intentions. It’s the follow-through that’s problematic. You’re busy and marketing frequently falls to the bottom of the to-do list.

That’s why DP Marketing Services was created. We’re a massive, globally scoped, online conglomerate designed to help businesses just like yours. Well, not quite. DP Marketing is actually a small start-up venture that can provide some real assistance to a few carefully selected small businesses. We’re practical, goal-focused, and affordable.
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