Direct Mail and Variable Data

Thinking about entering the direct mail market? It’s a good idea. Your customers will value the service, and chances are you already have 75% of what you need to get started in place right now. If you have a digital press with a RIP and regularly work with .pdf files, getting into variable data addressing is a logical step. The last 18 months have seen a resurgence in direct mail campaigns. Used correctly, direct mail can produce high ROI for your clients, and it should be a component of their marketing program.

mailman300Dealing with the USPS is not nearly as daunting as your best buddy who runs the local mail house would have you believe. The USPS needs business. There are lots of rules, but the folks at the BMEU know that they depend on businesses like yours. They’ll help you with your permits and with a good many of the details you’ll need to know as you begin handling mailing projects for your customers.

What do you need to get started?

Probably some software, a couple of  list providers, and a little bit of training. DP Marketing can help with that. There are several good options for mailing software and for the capabilities you’ll need to develop to handle variable data and personalization. The USPS has provided a great starting place with their Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program. From there, we can help you choose from a host of cloud and server-based applications for list processing and cross-channel campaigns.

DP Marketing can help.

We can certainly help you get permits and registrations in place, software selected, and IMB barcodes working. DP Marketing can also help with the training you need to get started and with more complex variable data applications that include variable images, versioning, PURLS and landing pages. Where you go with all of this will depend largely on your customer base, but adding some in-house mailing capability is a natural step for most printers. Want to learn more? Let’s get in touch.