Marketing Services for Printers

It’s technology, but it’s not rocket science. Printers have been using cutting edge technology since Gutenberg’s printing press. At DP Marketing, our background is print and we love it. It’s just that many of the new innovations in communication today take the form of electrons dancing on a computer screen, not ink on paper.


Print is still relevant. In fact, it’s a very important component in the communications mix, but today’s audience gets their information from many different sources. It makes obvious sense for printers to market in print; but to effectively reach their target markets, they must also learn to use other channels. This is called multi-channel marketing. DP Marketing can help you learn to use new marketing tactics to increase your printing business, and we can also help you begin to offer the same services to your customers.

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To learn more, take a look at the pages under Marketing For Printers.

That’s the good news. Learning new technology and using it to market your own printing company can actually create a new niche for your business. As you learn about PURLs, landing pages, variable data, and content marketing, you can begin to offer these services to your customers. This is the first step in the transition from printer to Marketing Service Provider (MSP).

Evolving into marketing services is a natural transition for many printers, especially mid-sized shops who can adapt quickly to take advantage of new opportunities. At DP Consulting, we have direct experience with many of the new services printers can offer to their customers. We also understand what it takes to sell these service. We’ll be glad to work with your company on an “evolution plan” or to help you implement a specific capability that your customers need now. To learn more about these services, take a look at the pages under Marketing For Printers.