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When I talk with printing company owners, there’s a familiar pattern to the conversations. They identify several common problems:

  • Getting in touch with prospects is difficult, and it’s getting harder every day.
  • Our sales efforts aren’t effective. We’re not getting calls or new accounts.
  • We’re dealing with fewer professional print buyers.
  • We’re selling on price.
  • There aren’t as many jobs as there once were.
  • It’s hard to keep the equipment running.

Many printing company owners are puzzled. Their once successful businesses are struggling. Revenues and margins are down. New product intros don’t seem to solve the problem. It’s hard to generate leads and develop new customers. Business as usual isn’t working. They need a new direction. Something has to change, but what is it?

The Market Dictates

It’s an old saying that dates back to Adam Smith and lessons you learned in Econ 101. In the past decade, the market for print has changed irrevocably. It’s more than simple supply and demand, though. There’s still a significant (and in some cases, a growing) demand for print, but buying behavior has changed. Old sales methods don’t work any more. It’s a new era, and printers who want to succeed must adapt.

Marketing is Mandatory

Lots of printers are manufacturers at heart. They’re comfortable with machinery, workflows, and capabilities. In the old paradigm, quality, service, and price were enough. But that’s not what 21st century print buyers are looking for. Printers who want to succeed in 21st century must change their focus from manufacturing processes to a marketing mindset. A marketing focus is a mandatory requirement for understanding buyer behavior. Marketing practices – understanding the customer journey, addressing needs and problems, and providing buyers with valuable information – are the keys to a growing business in the new era.

Printers provide products and services, but it’s also up to you to demonstrate the value. Capabilities are worthless if they don’t meet buyer needs and solve problems. You must communicate and explain the benefits.

How do you Convey Value?

It’s all in the way you communicate. Growing your printing business in the 21st century requires adjustment to a new paradigm. Depending on the statistics you choose, 60% to 80% of the buyer journey is online. Today’s buyers don’t respond to sales calls. They research online and they’ll only make contact if they’re interested. It’s up to you to make sure you’re visible and findable online; and to provide a clear understanding of what they can expect when they work with your company. To succeed, you must have defined, consistent, and measurable marketing program.

Get Started Now: The Printer’s Marketing Primer

Do you need to move your printing business in a new direction? I’d like to help. I’ve put together a free resource to help you get started with a successful marketing program. It’s an e-book titled The Printer’s Marketing Primer. If you take the time to download the book and read it, you’ll learn about:

  • A Marketing Mindset for 21st Century Printers.
  • 3 Essentials for Marketing Your Printing Company.
  • Key Elements of a Print Company Marketing Program.

No obligations. I understand that your time is valuable and you won’t get an unsolicited phone call. I will subscribe you to my weekly Marketing Ideas newsletter. You can unsubscribe if you want. It’s a free offer with a simple intent: to help you determine your marketing focus, generate new leads, and ultimately produce new customers, increased revenue, and profits.

Fill out the form at the top of the page to download The Printer’s Marketing Primer. I hope it helps your printing company become more successful in today’s complex business environment. If you need additional assistance with marketing, I’ll be glad to schedule a conversation. I’d also appreciate your feedback and your comments about the ideas and the information in the primer.

Wishing you great marketing success!

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