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Let’s Generate Some Data

Posted by on Jun 15, 2015 in Print Marketing | Comments Off on Let’s Generate Some Data

The #marketprint survey

Do We Really Know What We think We Know?

Here’s the problem. There’s a lot of data available about what print does, but not much about what print and print-related companies do to market their own businesses. Lots of us industry folks think we know the answers, but there really isn’t much data available.

One of the common questions I hear from printing company owners and managers is, “What are other companies doing?” It’s a good question that leads to an almost unlimited number of other good questions, and that leads to an idea:

Why don’t we ask?

Today, I’m introducing a simple survey, the #MarketPrint Survey. Each week we’ll ask a couple of simple questions and report the data. I’ll share the survey link via social media using the #marketprint hashtag and welcome anyone in the print industry to join in by answering and commenting on the survey. The first survey starts today and will continue for 2 weeks to see if we can get some traction. From that point, we’ll continue on a weekly basis if there’s enough interest.

The idea so far:

It’s an experiment – We’ll learn as we go and hope that there will be enough interest from the print community to generate a response. The first question will run for two weeks and then we’ll follow with a weekly question for a month or two. If there’s participation from the industry, we’ll continue the process.

It’s short and not exactly scientific. The #marketprint survey will ask one or two questions each week. There are no strict controls on the audience, though we will ask that only print or print-related companies participate. We’ll also offer the opportunity to comment on the questions.

It’s open. The survey and the data will be available to anyone. I’ll report responses and comments from the previous week’s questions on the DP Marketing website and share the data link to a Google Docs spreadsheet. I can also share the embed code if others in the industry would like to feature the survey form on their websites.  We’ll publish a form each week, but I’ll also tabulate responses provided through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ using the #marketprint hashtag.

Please participate and please share.

The more responses, the better the data. Share the links and the #marketprint hashtag with friends in the industry. Also, I’d appreciate your comments and ideas for future questions that you think would produce valuable information.

Here’s the first Survey

Please Share the Survey Link: