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Dartboard bullseyeAn effective marketing program isn’t about hitting the bullseye every time.  It’s really more about consistency than anything else.  Sure, it’s great when an ad or a post goes viral and attracts a lot of attention.  In today’s world, that attention doesn’t last very long.  The most intelligent marketers today use less flash and more content.  Their efforts are targeted and results are measured.  They gather data about their customers and use it to provide them with useful information.  They are more interested in dialogue than impressions, and they focus the dialogue to produce more customers and more sales.

The good news is that many of the resources used by large company marketers are also available to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).  Most small businesses can’t afford an expensive ad campaign, but they can certainly maintain a great informational website, talk with their customers through social networking, and manage a basic CRM system or at least a good customer database.

There is plenty of opportunity available to owners and managers of small businesses, but many don’t take good advantage of it. While most SMBs allocate 9 – 12% of their revenue to marketing of some sort, less than half develop a strategic marketing plan and stick to it. That’s a problem that we can solve.  DP Marketing Services can help you get organized.

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We’ll listen first.  Tell us about your business — the customers, the challenges, the potential. Need more leads, a new product introduction, more big ticket sales? We’ll discuss ideas, priorities, and goals; then work with you to craft a strategic marketing plan.  It will be manageable, with tactics directed toward reaching the goals of your business.  It will be measurable, so we can learn which efforts work for your business.  And it will be budgeted and scalable to assure consistency but allow for the flexibility needed to take advantage of market opportunities.

We’re not another agency or consulting service.  If you need help with implementation, we can take it on, find a freelancer, or train a key team member.   We’ll help you learn to operate by a calendar, begin collecting and using customer and prospect data, and develop a working system that will keep your business growing and innovating.

Interested? Here are some specific areas where DP Marketing Services can help:

Please take the time to wander around the website a bit.  If you’d like some more information about how we might help your business, we’d be very happy to schedule a time to meet with you or to have a phone conversation.  If you fill out the contact form on the right, we’ll call you.  Alternately, you can get in touch with Richard by phone at 478-719-4029 or by email at