Traditional Marketing Campaigns


Picture this:

A well-dressed young salesperson walks in your front door and introduces herself as a representative of WXYZ broadcasting company. She’s enthusiastic, charming, and full of figures about demographics, reach, and the impressions you’ll make.  Of course, she has a special promotion this month only for 50 insertions during prime time for only $1700 and a special bonus of 25 additional insertions for only $500 more.  It will blow your budget for the month, but you’re tempted.

If your doors are open at 9am in the morning, chances are that this scenario has happened to you. Resist the temptation. It’s not that traditional advertising is bad, or that it won’t bring in customers.  For some companies, TV, radio and other media advertising makes perfect sense. It never makes sense as a snap decision, though.

Why not?

The unfortunate fact today is that there is a lot of static.  It takes multiple impressions and multiple media channels to get the attention of a target audience.  This means that traditional advertising works best for small businesses when it is coupled in with other elements of the marketing strategy.  Media advertising is magnified when it reinforces a message that is being sent out through other channels – email newsletters or social media ads, for example.  This is called cross-channel marketing.

The expense of running multiple media campaigns can be high and the risk of failure proportionately great.  That’s why DP Marketing recommends a focus on content marketing for most SMBs.  To us, it makes better sense for most small businesses to dovetail occasional traditional campaigns with their “soft” inbound marketing message than to blow the budget on a short-term media marketing “blitz.”

So what does work?

toughchihuahuaIf you’re the owner of Pedro’s Pet Palace, and you’ve just received a new shipment of silver studded Chihuahua collars, it probably doesn’t make sense to run a series of TV spots that will cover the entire metro area.  It probably does make sense to feature a snappily collared Chihuahua on your blog and post a link or two on Facebook and Pinterest.  It might also be a good idea to do a very targeted direct mail piece that is sent to everyone in your database who actually owns a Chihuahua.  This is cross-channel marketing that is targeted, manageable, and makes good sense.

DP Marketing can help you plan and execute traditional marketing and cross-channel campaigns that are cost effective. For small businesses, this frequently means a combination of direct mail, email, and search/social media advertising (SEM). We’ll help you dovetail your content marketing messages so they complement the campaigns. Finally, (and this is important) DP Marketing will also work with you on ways to measure your return on investment and improve the process as you go along.

Interested? We’d love to talk with you about your current strategies and work with you to refine them and make them more effective.  There’s no charge for the first conversation . . . let’s talk!