CRM Systems – Managing the Marketing and Sales Pipeline

In the beginning . . . marketers created the database.  Well, perhaps not, but it does seem as if there’s a database at the center of the universe.  The marketing and selling process today is increasingly sophisticated.  Ever wonder why your web browser seems to know just a little too much about where you’ve been and what you’re interested in? Google and many large companies gather scary amounts of data about anyone who touches their website or one of their online ads. While we’re not suggesting exactly this strategy for your small business, it is very important to manage the marketing and sales pipeline – the process of gathering leads, qualifying prospects, and converting them into customers.


Sales Funnel Graphic

The Sales and Marketing Pipeline

For most small businesses, this is done with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.  Essentially, this is a database that is customized to gather information that your company can use in both your marketing and sales functions.  It is accessible to your sales, customer service, and management teams and generally can provide real time information for sales and the data needed for targeted marketing efforts. Even better, a CRM can provide the information that you need to track the progress that is made as leads turn into prospects and finally buy something.  This process is called conversion and a well structured CRM can give you some great insights into how your customers make the decision to buy, what advertisement or content is effective in attracting their attention, and how they might become a repeat customer.

The good news is that several cloud-based packages are available at low cost to small businesses.  While the benefits of CRM systems are plentiful, setup and customization of these packages can be a bit time consuming and sales and customer service folks have to be trained to use them.  That’s where DP Marketing comes in.  We can help you choose the CRM system that will best fit your business, get it up and running, work with your employees to streamline the system, and finally, help you use the data in your marketing efforts.

Interested?  Get in touch with us.  There’s no charge for the first conversation.  We’ll spend 1 – 2 hours learning about your needs and will be glad provide you with a brief overview proposal to for managing the marketing and sales pipeline in your business.